Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland

With St. Patrick’s day coming this weekend, I knew that I had to share this book. I realize that it has been out for a while, but Tomie dePaola’s Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland is such a great read that it is worth exploring (especially for those of us who hadn’t read this book before). DePaola, known for other classic children’s books and his unique artistic style, has created a book that revolves around the life of St. Patrick. Enslaved as a young man, St. Patrick went on to do amazing things for the people of Ireland, and dePaola does a wonderful job exploring this side of the famous saint. The illustrations are beautiful, with bright colors and vivid details. The story is also told in a manner that is approachable for all ages. Plus, after the biography of the saint, dePaola details several of the miracles associated with St. Patrick. I loved this book and knew that I had to share it for the 17th. Enjoy your St. Patrick’s day!

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